The procedure for placing players on teams can be very involved and includes player evaluations, consultation with previous coaches and technical directors, and scouting of players in the division. In this process, we expect that coaches will:

  • Be honest and sincere with all players involved,
  • Avoid singling out individual players in front of their peers when releasing players,
  • Inform all successful players as to their result via team announcement on website

Team placements will be determined based on the final discretion of the Technical Committee and the players will be required to pay the applicable fees.

The Club strives to select coaches before the beginning of evaluations so that they can be actively involved with player evaluations as early as possible.

The Executive Director and Technical Committee decide the number and levels of teams for each division.

We strive to field the strongest teams possible in TOYSL.

Minimum rosters:

  • For teams from U13 to U18 – minimum 15 players must be chosen.

Release of players:

Players may be released from teams at any time due to the following reasons:

  • Discipline issues
  • Commitment issues
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Skill and ability
  • Conflict with the program


Alun Walters, Tricia Martin, Andi King, and Barry McKay.

Please email any questions or concerns to –


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